Self Evaluation

Our Self-evaluation evening was held on Tuesday 6th June. The evening was designed to review "what worked well" during the year and 'even better ifs' as well as giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts and ideas that we would like to see during the next academic year.

There were four teams which included children, parents, staff and directors.

The children's team included children from across the school, as well as school councillors, prefects and lead learners. Parents were also from across the school and were also able share their ideas through the weekly newsletter. The staff team included roles from across the school, office, inclusion, teacher and support staff.

The directors team included the chair of directors, David Coles, our Executive Headteacher, Mrs Cliff, as well as Mrs Kendrick (SLE) and Lynda Adams (ACES leader). 

What happened?

During the evening each team visited a large mid map that covered different areas of the school, school culture, learning, support and behaviour. Using their own coloured post it notes, the teams had conversations about the different areas and the initiatives that had been introduced and shared their opinions. Once each area had visited we stopped for a cup of tea and a biscuit!

What next?

We then visited the same areas but with ideas that we would like to see across school in the next academic year. Ms Guest and the strategic leadership team shared the ideas and thoughts that we had already had and asked what each of the team thought. 

How will the information be used?

The information gathered during the evening will be used to support or school self evaluation and also our school improvement plan for the year ahead. 

A big thank you to everyone that contributed to the evening, both during the session and via our newsletter. Ideas and suggestions are always welcomed throughout the year.

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