Around the World

Around the World

Published on:October 07th 2018

Across years 2 to 6 we have introduced an "Around the World" afternoon where children learn about different countries through a range of subjects from Art, music and drama to library research skills, cooking and design and technology.

The countries that are selected are not just at random. First of all we found out where every one was born in the world and also which countries in the world our families had connections with. We then plotted those on a world map. Our school is made up of hundreds of Global Citizens and once we knew all of this information we were able to select countries that were, in some way, connected to us.
A number of children in our school were born somewhere else in Europe. So, for our first term countries were chosen where we had connections with these other countries.

Year 6 are learning about Portugal 
Year 5 are learning about Russia 
Year 4 are learning about Sweden
Year 3 are learning about Poland 
Year 2 are learning about Ireland

At the end of the half term we will be sharing our learning with our parents through our Around the world afternoons. 
Next half term our countries will be selected from Asia, another continent where we have connections!


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