Visitors to East Park

Hello Year 6,

I was fortunate yesterday to be invited to watch your production of the Greatest Show. I want you all to know how much I enjoyed the OUTSTANDING efforts you all made, from those of you who were on stage to the backstage crew who made the show possible. Each and every one of you played your part in putting this show on and producing an unforgettable evenings entertainment for myself and your families.

I have been visiting East Park since you were in Year 4; goodness how different in was in those days! From a distance, I have watched you all grow and develop. I have seen for myself the transformation that has taken place with your learning, attitudes and confidence.

 As the end of your time at East Park Academy approaches, please take into your future the great mindset you have developed for learning and always strive to the very best version of yourself. You are truly amazing; fantastic and outstanding individually and together totally awesome.

 All good wishes

Miss Jan Rudge  (East Park visitor)

(July 2019)

I have worked for 2 years with all the school leaders and the school has made rapid progress in all areas. The school is transformed and is still accelerating further improvements so as to maximise the learning potential of all pupils and staff. The school displays many outstanding elements and first and foremost the Senior Leadership Team have brought clarity, enthusiasm and relentless energy to drive the school on its road to excellence. 

What strikes me are the values the SLT illustrate and these values guide all decisions and actions taken. They place the children at the heart of all they do and mediocrity is not accepted. The ‘can do’ attitude permeates the school’s life and their willingness to invest in others abilities is now enabling other staff members to become highly effective leaders. As a consequence the school is full of vitality, innovation and initiative and it is a unique school with unique talent and so its future prosperity is assured.

Dave Grewer

I made my first visit to East Park shortly after Ms Guest’s appointment as Head Teacher. What a journey this school has been on! From a woefully underperforming school to a vibrant and purposeful learning community, and in less than four terms.No one should underestimate the superb leadership and support that has enabled this transformation to take place or the lives of children that have been enhanced by a staff who are determined to enable each child to learn and to be proud of their learning. This school may still carry the Ofsted label of inadequate BUT it is now anything but, it stands as a beacon to what can be achieved when a group of like-minded staff work together for the good of their school and community. It has been inspirational to share in the East Park journey to date and to see a happy and vibrant school where pupil progress is now soaring. Credit to you all.

Jan Rudge - Leadership Partners Ltd

'Thank you very much Karen. It was a pleasure to have your school for my first moderation. It has a really nice 'feel' to it and  I'm glad you all enjoyed the process. Pass on my thanks to the team and well done!'

Laura Maguire - LA Moderator - Elston Hall

Just to say a formal thanks to you and everyone at East Park for your kindness and generosity in giving the two hampers to our church to be distributed to those in need we are aware of.

Gayle Greenway - Local Church

‘Hello everyone. just t say how much i enjoyed  the sessions. The children are a credit to the school and it's great t see how pro active everyone was.’

Dr B Dakin - Visiting Research Fellow (Aston University)

Hi Wonderful Hero Head Person and Team of Equally Fabulous People,

Thanks so much for the link to the timelapse, it made me proud and made my wife cry, though this might be because I'm not Hugh Jackman as the soundtrack implies.

Anyway, it was a wonderful pleasure working with you on such a fantastic project, I really felt appreciated, so thank you.

Luke Perry

Industrial Heritage Stronghold, Manufacturers and Designers of Public Artworks

As part of our new service we are developing a Young carers Champion scheme that we hope eventually to roll out across all the schools in the city . Very simply there will be young people and nominated staff who are the young carers champions for the school . The young people would help raise awareness and offer peer support and the staff would be the point of contact for both professionals and pupils in the school .

We are looking for a primary and secondary school who could be the 1st Champion schools . In discussion with our commissioner today he asked if I could identify schools that had a very good young carers model in place and who I thought might be willing to act as the 1st school as an example to others. East Park is by far the best school in Wolverhampton at the moment for both  identification and support of young carers so I was hoping to be able to come and have a chat and see if it is something that you would consider .

Kind Regards

Angie Jones

Childrens Services Lead, Wolverhampton and Dudley Young Carers

It is a pleasure working with East Park Academy. All staff are always very welcoming and friendly and they work hard to ensure that students’ needs are identified and met. The Senior Leadership Team at East Park is a vibrant, energetic and ambitious team and this filters down through all levels, resulting in an inclusive and bubbly atmosphere around the whole school.  I appreciate the close working relationships they have with parents and with external agencies. Nothing is ever too much trouble for anyone and having high aspirations for their children is at the forefront of everything.  

Eleanor Tomlinson – Educational Psychologist  

Thank you so much for spending time with me yesterday talking about your well-being journey. The evidence you have is really impressive. Your school was really inspiring and I
have taken away with me lots of ideas for us to try.

Wendy Baker - Acting Headteacher, Walmley Infant School 

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