Year 3


Assistant Headteacher for Lower Key Stage Two (Years 3 and 4): Mrs C Dawes

Year Group Leader: Miss J Dunlop

Year 3 Reg 1:  Mrs P Belcher and Mrs L Jones

Year 3 Reg 2: Miss J Dunlop and Miss L Stones

Year 3 Reg 3: Mrs S Bains and Miss D Harper 

All about Year 3

Year 3 will see children continue to develop their skills in Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Scientific Understanding. They will not only consolidate their learning but also learn new skills to embed. This will underpin their learning across all subjects. Children will have weekly lessons in all subjects including History, Geography, Science and Art and they will experience both indoor, outdoor P.E and swimming lessons. Children will have their own book for each subject so that they can record all of their fantastic learning. Children will feel very proud of their books, as they will show the fantastic progress that children in Year 3 make. Teachers will give feedback on learning throughout every single lesson so that children know what they are doing well and what they need to work on next.

Our East Park 8 values will underpin life in Year 3 and each week a child in each class will be chosen as ‘Star of the Week’ linked to a specific value that they have demonstrated. A ‘Learner of the Week’ will also be selected for a child who has worked hard on their presentation and has completed fantastic learning during the week. The following topics will lead the learning in foundation subjects this year:

Autumn Term

World War II

Children will develop their geography skills by learning all about the countries involves in World War II and their history skills by learning about the history of World War II, the significant leaders, the impact of the way and important key dates that gave us historical events.

Spring Term

Vikings and Saxons

Children will develop their history skills by learning about the Vikings and Saxons and their way of living. They will compare their living conditions to ours today and create a timeline to identify changes that have been made. In Geography, the children will locate where the Vikings and Saxons empowered within the United Kingdom, They will also use role play to perform the journey as a Viking or Saxon soldier on their way to Britain.

Summer Term

Hello Bonjour!

Children will focus on the human features of France, looking at manmade landmarks with a specific focus on tourism in the country. They will investigate tourism attractions and research French music, arts, food and drink and culture. They will investigate how tourism affects the lives of the people who live there with a focus on the Tour De France and Disneyland Paris. The children will have a field trip to Blackpool and look at the similarities and differences to Paris.

Supporting your child at home

Each week children in Year 3 will have reading book and a library book to take home. Library visits will take place each Monday and reading books will be changed on Fridays. Children will also bring home a weekly list of spellings to learn on Wednesdays and spelling tests will take place on Wednesdays too. They will also have a times table book that they can complete with you at home, staff will take a look at this on a Friday. Children will also bring home a termly homework project sheet at the start of each full term (see below for the link to this homework).

You can also use the following web links to support your children with their English, Maths and Curriculum learning at home:



World War 2:

Home Learning - Recorder

Fandango Spanish Dance p23 Descant

Chatter with the Angels p24 Descant

Mockingbird p25 Descant

Irish Lullaby Treble

Who's That Yonder Descant

Hot Cross Buns Descant

Traffic Lights Descant

A Capucine Treble

French Folk Song Treble

Skateboard Ride p21 Descant

Indian Warrior p19 Descant

Elephants p18 Descant

Debka Hora p11 Treble

Come Hasten Ye Shepherds p10 Treble

The Saint p8 Treble

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