Year 5


Assistant Headteacher for Upper Key Stage Two (Years 5 and 6): Miss C Sargent

Year Group Leader – Mrs L Browne and Mrs R Hazel

Year 5 Reg 1 – Miss K Sergeant and Miss S Chumber 

Year 5 Reg 2 – Mrs L Browne, Mrs R Hazel and Mrs C Briggs

Year 5 Reg 3 – Miss J Lacey and Miss E Cartwright

All about Year 5

Children are now in their penultimate year at East Park and the different learning experiences and opportunities continue from Year 4.  During the year, children will be consolidating all their previously learnt skills and developing them further, ready for Year 6.

Children have daily Maths and English lessons, where the skills taught are encouraged to be used within all areas of the curriculum thus giving the children the opportunity to embed and master the skills. All members of staff will provide feedback to the children throughout the lesson so that the children know what they are doing well and what they need to do next.

Afternoon lessons consist of indoor PE and outdoor Games, Computing, History, Geography, Science and Around the World.

Our East Park 8 values will underpin life in Year 5 and each week a child in each class will be chosen as ‘Star of the Week’ linked to a specific value that they have demonstrated. A ‘Learner of the Week’ will also be selected for a child who has worked hard on their presentation and learning during the week.

The following topics will lead the learning in foundation subjects this year:

Autumn  - Bostin’ Black Country.  A history topic where the children will learn why this area is called the Black Country; which towns are specifically linked to the Black Country; why this area was popular in the 19th Century and why it is linked to the Gunpowder plot back in 1605.

Spring – Mountains. A geography topic where children will be introduced to the key aspects of physical geography. The children will study the physical geography of mountains and mountain ranges, their formation, some famous expeditions and also mountain biodiversity. They will also have the opportunity to showcase their learning in different ways.

Summer – Stone Age. A history topic to complete the year. Children will learn where in time the Stone Age occurred and the different periods; construct an idea of what life was like in the past by using the evidence we have and make comparisons between now and then. 

Supporting your child at home

Children are encouraged to read daily to help them build their reading stamina and record this in their homework planners. Time tables and spelling homework is sent out weekly and it is of great importance that children learn the facts and spellings so that they can use them confidently in their learning.

We have recently signed up to TT Rockstars, which is a fantastic site, to encourage and support the children with learning their multiplication and division facts. This can be accessed through the link, on a laptop, tablet or phone.

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